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Become an Association Member Today!

Have your voice heard in the Franchise – one voice can be ignored, but the voice of over ¼ of the franchisees cannot.


Provides stability, no matter who owns the Franchise, by acting together we can ensure our businesses thrive.


Provides a Buying Co-Op, ensures we can maintain our buying power no matter what the Franchisor does.


Share ideas with other owners, we can help each other with real solutions to real problems.


Protect your investment, by making the Franchise stronger we increase the value of each of our centers.


We are the KEY to our SUCCESS!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Become an APA member?

- give your business a voice in the franchise, there is strength in numbers and APA members voices are not alone

- get access to other Maaco franchisees so you can share information, solutions, and ideas

- access to the purchasing group which will help you control costs and get access to the products and solutions you need for your business

- access to vendor partners that offer pre-negotiated rates on everything from insurance to computer systems


Who can become a member?

Members must be current Maaco franchisees.  Only one membership and membership vote will be allowed per location.


What are the Membership responsibilities?

While members are encouraged to be active in voting and in the association members determine their own level of activity, members may even remain anonymous if they wish.  Membership fees are due annually, rates are published in the Membership Rates section.  Members are not required to purchase products from the purchasing group, but the purchasing group was established to ensure material availability at great prices as well as to fund the APA so we do strongly encourage members to consider purchasing through the purchasing group.


What are the Membership Fees?

The annual fee for membership is $100 (per location).


Where do my membership fees go?

Membership fees are used to pay administrative costs, disperse information to members, develop sales tools and training aids to increase center profitability, retain legal counsel to protect the interests of APA members, and fund a holding account which will fund any legal actions necessary to protect the interests of APA members.  All APA officers are volunteers and no compensation is offered for their services.


Who is the Purchasing Group or Buying Co-Op?

The purchasing group is Automotive Painters Purchasing Group, Inc. (APPG) they are a separate organization from APA and were chosen to supply our members with a purchasing option that meets the unique needs of our business.  In addition APPG funds APA by providing it a percentage of every purchase made by our members.  The percentages are as follows: Paint and Wet Goods 3% and Dry Goods 1%.

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