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Board Member: Dave Hamilton

Maaco Sunnyvale, California

Phone:  (408) 739-3840



Dave and his wife Marie have owned their center for 8 years. Dave is one of the founding board members of the Auto Painters Association.


Awards & Honors:

Million Dollar center for 6 Years.

Certified Maaco Center



"My Primary goal is to build a stronger MAACO Brand. The Association is now positioned with the support and resources to help our members businesses grow. It has been a long struggle to get to where we are now, and there is still work to do, but we are getting stronger everyday. With the Association our members will have an increasing voice in how advertising dollars are spent and from whom production materials are obtained. Given the chance I believe all Maaco businesses can prosper and I believe Maaco Driven Brands can prosper too, but the individual owners need a voice, a voice that they have not had; this is foolish. The individual Maaco Owners know the struggles they have everyday just to keep their business profitable. My hope is that the Association, with the cooperation of Driven Brands, can one day build a stronger Maaco Franchise together."






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