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Current Projects

Mentoring for New Franchisees – The strength of our franchise is up to us.  Helping our new members to succeed and build the brand helps our stores do more business and become more profitable.  Several board members have already volunteered to offer their time and experience.  If you are interested in being mentored or volunteering your time please email

Production Painting – Understanding our how our businesses work and how we can become more profitable is important to each one of our members.   We are currently working on a seminar series that focuses on production auto painting.  Controlling costs and managing time and quality are the key issues to be discussed.  For more information please email

Sales and Sales Retention – Every one of us hates it when we see our estimate numbers steady but our retention rate dropping.  The Association is working on sales aids and training to help us keep our staffs in peak selling shape while giving them the tools they need to make the sale.  This will be an ongoing project that will offer updates and new sales materials on a regular basis.  For more information or to make a request for a specific type of sales aid or problem solution please email 

Networking – Being part of this Association gives you access to like minded owners that know not only know other people in the industry but also fleet accounts and other customer sources.  We will be offering a forum for information exchange between owners including references for fleet accounts, sales leads that are outside their shop’s regular service range, and resources for attracting the attention of possible customers.  For more information or to offer information to other members please email

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